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Cniama Dragon
Hunters of the deepest trenches, Cniama are vile, massive prowlers of the abyss. Wingless and lacking fins, this species uses its broad tail to propel its serpentine body through dark oceans. Surprisingly, despite being fully aquatic dragons, Cniama do not have gills and must resurface for air. They are able to dive up to 11,000ft on a single breath, in which can sustain them for two hours. When hunting, Cniama do so in small pods, often targeting whales and giant squid. Their eyes are the largest in the world, and are sensitive to the smallest flicker of light & movement. With phosphorescent scales, they flicker to attract prey. And only when their eyes lock on an object, will they strike...

Length: 552ft
Body Type: marine, wyrm
Weight: 560 tons
Diet: giant squid, sperm whales,blue whales
Habitat: trenches, sea floor
Warnings: are drawn to large ships & small dinghies.

Drawn with white charcoal, color pencils on black card stock and incredible patience...
Wraith Wyvern
A ghostly dragon that dwells in ruins and abandoned castles, the Wraith Wyvern is a highly intelligent species despite its ghastly appearance.This species is able to manifest from wisps of smoke and mist, and can take on a human form to lure unsuspecting travellers into their domain. Draconologists fail to grasp an understanding of The biology of these dragons, for the skeletons of Wraith Wyverns are wingless (despite the obvious). Massive when in their true form, Wraith Wyverns have the otherworldly ability to dim and brighten candles, bulbs, and emit a cold aura around themselves.

Length: 80ft
Body Type: Wisp, Wyvern
Weight: unknown
Diet: fish, skeletons, souls (legend rumors)
Habitat: ruins, preferably dark places
Warnings: the hunting style of Wraith Wyverns has NEVER been observed, signs of frequented hunting grounds includes many disappearances & pale, motionless victims.

Sketched, inked with India ink, and then colored using Prismacolor pencils & Crayola thin markers.
Marbled DeSole
Called "the dragon in lion's clothing", the Marbled DeSole is one of the most lethal of all dragons. Though it may not possess venom, the DeSole makes up for it by being a versatile hunter, deadly to both humans, other beings, and dragon kin alike. Therefore, they are not limited to one species/breed as prey. With strong, muscular forearms and hind legs, DeSoles are powerful jumpers. They can live in small groups in forests ranging from deciduous to tropical. Using their marbles coats to camouflage, DeSole Dragons stalk their prey,and can climb for a better pouncing view. Able to snap bone with their strong jaws and four inch upper canines, these dragons are feared even by nearly every terrestrial creature. It is believed that other species of dragons choose to live in groups simply because DeSole dragons primarily hunt lone prey; but they are not limited to this behavior. However, Marbled DeSoles are nearly extinct, yet one Marbled DeSole on its own is capable of wreaking havoc on a plethora of communities...

Length: 7ft
Body Type: terrestrial-quadruped
Weight: 120lbs
Diet: anything living but plants
Habitat: forests
Warnings: illusive, have flame-resistant scales & fur, uses the plumage on tail to lure herbivores, known to wear the skulls of dragons they've vanquished.

Drawn, shaded, then painted with acrylic. And finally colored with prismacolor pencils and 4 crayola markers
~Inspired by the Chinese Qilin
Spade Dragon
Vicious, solitary predators of the deep, Spade dragons are aquatic marvels of their domain. While not as long as their relative Algael, this dragon undoubtedly weighs twice as much. Spade dragons prefer to hunt close to coral reefs, where they can easily prey on starfish, crab, and occasionally sharks. It is believed that Spade dragons are very close cousins to Mosasaurs due to their similar body types. In stark contrast to most dragons, Spades possess a cranial dome from which a strange green light shines. The purpose of this dome is unknown, but it does lure other marine giants...

Spade dragons are infamous for their hunting style. Their behavior is unpredictable; they tend to hunt for sport, devouring prey even when they're not hungry.

Length: 34.7ft
Body type: Marine-quadruped
Weight: 1500lbs
Diet: fish, crustaceans, seals
Habitat: lagoons, coral reefs
Warnings: camouflage meant to conceal from both above and below. Known to tip boats & dinghies. Breathes heated blasts of water instead of fire.

Drawn with Prismacolor pencils & panted with watercolor & acrylic. Use of crayons marker too.
Moonblight Dragon
Look up in the night sky, beyond the clouds and beneath the stars. Cradled in the moon, and known to cause lunar eclipses is the Moonblight dragon. Longer than any dragon seen, this aerial behemoth is always in constant motion, chasing the moon. Rumored to only live amidst the clouds, Moonblight dragons have 13 pairs of limbs, 12 of which are all wings.
These dragons grow 12 feet every full moon, growing every complete lunar cycle. When a full moon comes, Moonblights will pose with their four main wings, & emit a roar similar to a lengthy whale call (but much louder & deeper, known to cause tremors in the ocean floor)

Length: a whopping 30,000 feet (5.6 miles)
Body Type: unknown
Weight: estimated 500 tons
Diet: birds, sardines
Habitat: the sky is the limit
Additional Warnings: moderately territorial, can breathe green fire, witty, Do Not attempt to please with flattery (dragon will become suspicious)

Drawn with pen, painted with ink & acrylic paint, and one prismacolor pencil
I haven't uploaded a lot of my art I've done in the past year on DeviantArt, but that's all about to change!


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L.E. Scalding (Cam)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I loooooovvveee to draw fantasy creatures, especially dragons. I started drawing them in 2010, and today I'm sure I have over 1000 drawn and named. Along with drawing, I also enjoy building cardboard castles, spaceships, ships, and polymer clay creatures. Some of my dragons/fantasy creatures and most of my castles are from my Fantasy stories I write. I am inspired by J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth, The Spiderwick Chronicles,the Harry Potter books, Peter Rabbit, Watership Down, and The Bible!


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