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Emberclaw Dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 18 5 Algael Dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 24 5 Veridian Frillitary dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 24 0 Bellowcloud Dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 52 5 The Wisp Rider Dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 3 0 Cacobryn: Hyena of the Deep :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 20 6 Embrace Your Destiny :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 6 0 The Bronze Serpent :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 13 0 Underling of the Moon: Haloni :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 19 0 Nagai-Mizu Dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 21 4 Lumayal dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 24 0 Haku Dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 20 0 Tempestade Dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 33 8 Anviance Dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 33 3 South American Amanias :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 15 3 Caldera Crater Dragon :iconlabyrinth-knights:Labyrinth-Knights 21 0


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Emberclaw Dragon
Soaring through the skies in near silence, the Emberclaw dragon is one of few dragons species that are feathered rather than scaled. With over one million sound-reducing feathers covering its body, this dragon has the ability to take flight and land without a sound. Emberclaw Dragons can come in two variations: green-tipped (common), and scarlet-eared (rare).

This species hunts fish and crustaceans, and often do so in family groups called pods. Families are usually led by a matriarch who protects the family territory. Though usually a laid back, tranquil species, Emberclaws are extremely protective of their feathers, and despise being ridden.

It can take almost 2000 years for an Emberclaw to grow its adult feathers...and can live 5 times that.
Algael Dragon
A gentle, illusive sea dragon, Algael Dragons dwell in warm, shallow seas near coral reefs. These unique dragon feed in two ways: hunting for clams, and photosynthesis through the seaweed growing on its tail. As the dragon ages, the emerald crystals on its back grow taller and harder. These crystals form when the dragon is still in an egg laid near a hydrothermal vent.
Algaels prefer solitary lives, and are often territorial towards intruders. One of few fire-breathing water dragons, this species has been known to use steam to thwart enemies. Enough of this steam can form a dense fog cloud.
Veridian Frillitary dragon
A benevolent dragon whose curiosity an intelligence is favored by draconologists, this species dwells in young forests hunting insects. Frillitaries age slower physically than most dragons, yet mentally age faster than any in existence.

Their curiosity and innocent appearance often leads to them befriending children and small creatures. Frillitaries have never been known to attack, and are seen as the most harmless species. Veridian is the most common color the dragons' wings come in, but can also be gilded, saffron, or vermillion.
The Wisp Rider Dragon
Known to infiltrate the dreams of younger creatures & children, the majority of this dragon's body is made up of dream smoke; used to enter unsuspecting sleeping victims. Though they may usually only visit dreams for pure fun, their presence can often lead to prolonged dreams or worse: their victims can remain asleep for days or months. Dream catchers have proven very effective in trapping these mischievous dragons. For those who have experienced a visit from a Wisp Rider, they often tell of a scenario in their dream where it was extremely dark, and a bright ball of light would appear followed by an eerie clicking sound...
I haven't uploaded a lot of my art I've done in the past year on DeviantArt, but that's all about to change!


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L.E. Scalding
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I loooooovvveee to draw fantasy creatures, especially dragons. I started drawing them in 2010, and today I'm sure I have over 200 drawn and named. Along with drawing, I also enjoy building cardboard castles, spaceships, ships, and creatures that range from 8 inches to 27 inches. Some of my dragons/fantasy creatures and most of my castles are from my Fantasy stories I write. I am inspired by J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth, The Spiderwick Chronicles,the Harry Potter books, Peter Rabbit, Watership Down, and The Bible!


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